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Hosts Dr. Sam and Sonia Rahbar  and our sponsor Beaming on Montana are pleased to invite you to


An Evening of College Knowledge 

and the Psychology of Success


How to create this transformative journey on your terms.

This special complimentary salon helmed by a distinguished, dynamic panel of professionals in education, college admissions, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and teen therapy will provide a unique opportunity for parents, students, and young adults to engage in an eye-opening, anxiety-alleviating, and powerful discussion about their education, their health and wellness, and their lives.


Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm (guests are encouraged to arrive at 7pm to mingle, enjoy snacks and find their seats)

Place: 639 S. Burlingame Avenue Los Angeles, CA. 90049


A few of our key panelists include:

CINDY CHANIN — Founder and Director of Rainbow EDU Consulting and Tutoring

Cindy is dedicated to making education an inspiring, holistic, and creative experience by providing educational enrichment to students of all ages. As an international child theater performer, at age 16, she starred in the international tour of ‘Into the Woods’ and spent a month performing in Scotland as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Taking her love of theatre into her professional educational endeavors, she has coached students for monologue and musical theatre auditions for a variety of schools, including NYU’s Tisch School.

Cindy studied Psychology, Theatre, Mathematics, and Comparative Literature at Yale University and USC. She also worked as an Admissions Officer at both universities. During her undergraduate years, Cindy founded and artistically directed a successful multicultural theatre company that enabled student artists to collaborate with Equity theatre and film professionals on innovative, full-scale productions throughout Los Angeles, giving students the opportunity to be mentored and work alongside renowned performers and directors such as Alfred Molina, Joel Zwick, Armin Shimmerman, and Alan Blumenfeld. Cindy also served as a board member and Arts and Culture Committee Chair along with the Dean of the School of Fine Arts.

Over the years, Cindy Chanin has personally and extensively tutored virtually every subject. Her full spectrum academic mentoring abilities run the gamut from Honors Chemistry to Trig/Pre-Calculus to American/European History, Literature Analysis, Creative Writing, and Spanish to College Application Consulting and College Admissions Exam Preparation. In addition to coaching several students to perfect 2400′s on their SAT’s, she and Rainbow’s educators have also helped many students gain admission to top universities including Stanford, Yale, Brown, Northwestern, USC, Oxford, Julliard, NYU, among others. Many of Cindy’s students, their families, and the schools she works with refer to her as “the miracle worker.” Cindy is also an award-winning author and is currently in the process of publishing a book on her experience, expertise, and vision for the future of education.

JEFF MORROW — Director of College Counseling at Oaks Christian School and President of the Western Association of College  Admission Counseling 

Jeff Morrow came to Southern California in 1991 to attend Pepperdine University.  He received his BA in Political Science in 1995 and a Master’s in Education in 1996.  Subsequently, he taught Performing Arts, History and coached basketball until he returned to his Alma Mater in 1997 where he spent the next 3 years traveling throughout the United States as Director of Church Relations and then four additional years as a manager and Associate Director of the Admissions Office at Pepperdine University.  Jeff came to Oaks Christian in 2003 and was promoted to Director of College Counseling in 2009.  He is also a faculty member of the English Department, teaching Modern American Literature.  His involvement as a member of his professional organization has allowed him to be a lobbyist for educational concerns in both Sacramento and Washington DC and he sits on the Executive Board of the Western Association of College Admission Counseling.

DR. JEN CASSATLY — Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cassatly has over 15 years of experience providing individual and family therapy as well as psycho-educational assessments with children, adolescents, and adults. She has extensive training and expertise in treating symptoms of anxiety/depression, academic challenges, and low self-esteem that are often associated with youth diagnosed with learning differences, ADHD, and behavioral problems. Relationships, issues, parenting support, and family therapy are also areas of interest.

In therapy, Dr. Cassatly uses an integrative approach that is strength-based and solution focused. Treatment modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, humanistic, and family systems interventions. In addition to therapy, Dr. Cassatly conducts individualized, psychological and educational testing; helps clients and their families understand testing results; and collaborates with schools and other professionals to implement treatment recommendations. She consults with school personnel and parents about special education, from elementary school through graduate programs, and collaborates with associated fields including psychiatry, educational therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and alternative/holistic therapies.

In the past, she has worked as an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount Graduate School of Education. She continues to give professional presentations to community agencies, parenting groups, and mental health professionals about a variety of issues.

CAILLIE DICK – Educator and College Admissions Consultant

Caillie graduated in 2015 from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Political Science. However, her natural strengths lie in the humanities – writing and art. After graduating, she began working as a visual and performing arts college counselor, working with students applying to music, film, fine and digital arts programs. Writing is her passion, and she loves being able to help the kids see important narratives in their own lives. She has a knack for editing the work of others, as well as finding a story where even the author thinks there isn’t one.

She has also worked as a freelance writer for popular website, and as a content writer and curator for startup She worked for a year as a research assistant under Dr. Carol Vernallis, a musicologist and affiliated researcher at Stanford, who studies contemporary audiovisual aesthetics and pop music. Caillie helped conduct library research and compile citations, keep track of 3 concurrent book projects, and edit work. From this experience, Caillie is versed in editing and publishing in academia.

ALICE WINN – Educator, College Admissions Consultant, Writing Consultant, and Improvisational Coach

Alice was born and raised in Paris, France, and educated in British boarding schools. She did, however, spend 9th and 10th grade at Harvard Westlake in Los Angeles, so she is familiar with the American school system. In 2015 she graduated from Oxford University, where she studied English Literature. She had a wonderful experience there and is always excited to guide people through the Oxbridge application process. It’s very different from applications to US colleges! She specialises in the Humanities, tutoring English Literature, History, French, Greek Mythology, and creative writing.

In her spare time, Alice performs improvised comedy. She has sold out runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the last five years, as well as touring Australia with her Sherlock Holmes improv troupe. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has studied improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Second City, and iO West. Her sense of humour is an invaluable asset when tutoring young people, who are far more likely to be interested in things if they can be made funny! Alice is also working on a novel, and has a good eye for structure and narrative. This has many times helped her students figure out what story they’re trying to tell in an essay.

Alice loves the Humanities, and finds them unfailingly interesting. This has a contagious effect on her students, who quickly start to figure out what they think is cool about history and literature. Whenever possible she tells them vivid stories from history or gives them a poem they’ve never seen before to analyse. Over the course of the sessions, this adds up to a wealth of knowledge that helps students feel comfortable with new topics. Alice believes that when you teach a student that academics are exciting, rather than just teaching them a few facts, you widen their horizons for the rest of their lives.

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