Are you a…
…college freshman, sophomore, or junior looking to transfer to a college that fits you better?
…young professional looking to apply to grad school?
…high school graduate unsure of where to go next?
…budding artist lacking fulfillment and inspiration on the traditional educational tract?
…young entrepreneur looking for guidance and structure to get your life’s work off the ground?

This ground-breaking program is designed to provide young adults with the one-on-one mentorship and peer support needed to garner clarity around their dreams and aspirations, develop the skills needed for professional and personal success and successfully transition into adulthood. We customize this program to fit each individual’s specific needs and goals by combining research driven educational approaches, life coaching, mentoring, and personalized guidance to help young adults in their late teens and early to mid-twenties create and implement a plan for success.

Fostering Grit, Tenacity, and Perspective

  • Develop a deep understanding of the notions of Grit and Tenacity
  • Develop a clear understanding of how certain privileges and/or biases based on socio-economic, gender, and/or ethnic identity can either help or hurt individuals as they seek out certain opportunities
  • Explore personal identity, learning style, and personality style to understand effective and ineffective personal ways of coping with adversity
  • Provide a clear, realistic perspective of the social systems and communities the individual navigates daily and his/her position(s) within them
  • Gain a clear and realistic perspective on what kinds of behaviors and mindsets foster success, and what behaviors and mindsets hinder success
  • Learn specific skills and tools to help the individual navigate through adverse situations and overcome obstacles, roadblocks, and challenges

Developing Clarity of Vision and Purpose, and a Personalized 1-2 Year Plan

  • Engage in powerful and eye-opening self-inquiry and creative exploration so each individual can better ascertain his/her passions, goals, and underlying / unifying vision
  • Discover, cultivate, and articulate unique qualities, garnering a better understanding of an authentic self and tapping into a personal “signature”
  • Identify “likes” and “dislikes” and how these preferences will inform the exploration, goals, and decision-making process for each individual
  • Pinpoint strengths as well as areas for potential growth so that academic and vocational endeavors can be sought out with greater clarity and purpose
  • Articulate vision, goals, and well designed actions to carry out in a 1-2 year timeline that will cultivate intellectual, creative, and vocational fulfillment and personal growth

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