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  •      Remediation for Grades 1 – 8
  •      Algebra I
  •      Geometry
  •      Algebra II
  •      Trigonometry
  •      Pre-Calculus
  •      Calculus
  •      AP Calculus
  •      Statistics & FST
  •      AP Statistics
  •      Multi-Variable Calculus

Social Sciences

  •      European History
  •      US History
  •      World History
  •      AP History
  •      Psychology
  •      AP Psychology
  •      US Government
  •      Economics
  •      Geography
  •      Philosophy
  •      Political Science
  •      Anthropology
  •      Religion & Mythology


  •      Latin
  •      French
  •      AP French
  •      Spanish
  •      AP Spanish


  • Remediation for Grades 1 – 8
  • Essay Writing
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Classical Literature
  • European Literature
  • Poetry
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Shakespeare
  • AP English


  •      Biology
  •      AP Biology
  •      Chemistry
  •      AP Chemistry
  •      Physics
  •      AP Physics
  •      Science Fair Projects
  •      Organic Chemistry
  •      AP Environmental Science
  •      Anatomy & Physiology
  •      Astronomy


  •      Playwriting
  •      Screenwriting
  •      Studio Art
  •      AP Studio Art
  •      Art Projects



"Everyone learns differently and Cindy's gift is that she can teach according to the learning style of the child.  She's also knowledgeable of many schools in the Westside and she can help you determine which school will be the right fit for your child.  Cindy is diligent about reporting your child's progress.  She's very supportive and truly cares about her students."
A Marymount Parent

Jenny Drew

“Cindy! Great news. I got an 87 on my math test! That was my best grade in math this year and it brought up my grade significantly. Plus, I will be able to make it an 89 with my test corrections!! Ahh… I’m so happy, Cindy, thank you!”
Jenny Drew G.
Marymount High School Student

ALEXIS HURON - short Academic

“For the couple of months I have been tutoring with Cindy, not only have my grades gone up in biology and math, but the confidence I have in myself has increased. Cindy has helped me gain confidence in math, which has always been a subject that I never felt I could excel in. My test average has raised a whole letter grade and the lessons I am learning in class have become easier for me to comprehend.  I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort Cindy has made on my behalf so I can do better in school.”