Cindy and her team get in touch with each student’s passions and personal visions.  This involves looking for ways in which students can blossom in these areas and assisting them in choosing and pursuing a course of interest.  Rainbow Tutoring is committed to encouraging all students, not just in the classroom, but in all areas of their lives.  Some of the ways in which we have shown up for our students include:

  • Nominating students for prestigious conferences and skill-building retreats.
  • Accompanying students to theatre productions, film screenings, and other enriching events throughout the city.
  • Supporting students in various classes, seminars, and workshops.
  • Partaking in endeavors that make an impact and inspire other students to do the same.


Leadership Opportunities

The Rainbow Tutoring family makes it a point to acknowledge and nurture the leadership potential in every student.  This inspires confidence and momentum in students and allows them to move in a direction that highlights their natural strengths and positively affects the people around them.  Some of these endeavors include:

  • Counseling students on the implementation of a nationally-recognized Women’s Leadership Conference at Brentwood School that attracted the likes of Maria Shriver and Lady Gaga.
  • Nominating and accompanying our students to Running Start’s National Political Leadership Program.
  • Organizing students and community mentors to design and build a state-of-the-art gymnasium for their high school campus.
  • Establishing music immersion programs for elementary school children.
  • Organizing research-based artistic immersion programs to bolster confidence and unlock creative expression in middle-schoolers.


Community Service Projects

We help students tap into their passions and create projects that make an impact, not just in their lives, but in the lives of countless others.  We look for ways to connect students with novel and exciting opportunities to be of service to their school, their surrounding community and the world.  Some of Cindy’s personal projects include volunteering as a mentor and academic tutor at women’s shelters in the Los Angeles area and volunteering as a creative writing and theatre instructor for inner city and/or at-risk youth.  We are consistently organizing new projects and events based on need and desire.



ELLE CAMERON - link mentor

"Not only has Cindy helped me master concepts that no teacher ever could but she also is a caring and lively human being. Cindy is much more than just a tutor; she always offers her amazing organic farmers market food such as apples and vegetables, which help me to stay satisfied, comfortable, and concentrated. Furthermore, Cindy has a very kind heart and even gave me balloons and a birthday present on my birthday. I can’t thank Cindy enough for the knowledge she has passed onto me."


"When Cindy came into our lives, she helped Taylor get into her new school.. She showed her the right ways of making good friends and adapting to a new environment. We all, as parents, know how tough it gets for our children to move to a new school, make new friends, feel welcomed and feel like they are in the right state of mind to start the new school year. With Cindy’s help, I hardly worried about those aspects of my daughter’s life, because I knew she was getting great help with an amazing person."

Archer School

"Thank you thank you for your loving support and for all the incredible guidance and tools and love and cheerleader-ing you gave Rebecca to give her so many wonderful life choices."
Parent of an Archer School for Girls alum