Our test prep workshop is a customized, hands-on, team-taught small-group intensive for sophomores and juniors and is based on the highly successful preparation methods developed in one-on-one sessions that have helped students obtain 2400’s on their SAT, gain National Merit Recognition, and cultivate the critical thinking, problem solving and organizational and leadership skills to help them succeed in college and life. This intensive is for students looking to make significant strides on their standardized test preparation process, bolster their confidence, and acquire some invaluable tools.

What Differentiates Our Approach to Test Prep

Class Size and Location: Classes are limited to no more than 12 students so we may provide highly individualized instruction in a smaller class setting (competitors routinely pack the room with 20+ students).  Students will get a taste of what a college-level liberal arts seminar will feel like while partaking in this test prep intensive on an actual university campus.

People:  We recruit the best teachers because we believe that there is no substitute for expertise, experience, and empathy.  (Our SAT coaches know the test inside and out and received “perfect” and top 99th percentile scores when they originally took it themselves and have spent years helping others do the same!)

Philosophy: As with our private one-on-one tutoring, all test prep is “student-centered,” meaning we leverage a student’s skills and interests in order to create “buy in” and commitment.

Product: At Rainbow Tutoring, we believe that test prep classes that “teach to the test” miss a powerful opportunity to additionally develop the skills and knowledge that can be invaluable for meeting the challenges of senior year, AP’s and university classes.    We help students find meaning and fun in the test prep experience, which in turn means they find themselves personally invested in their learning and score higher while taking away valuable study skills and self-knowledge!   Students will complete several full-length tests as part of the curriculum (all test questions are drawn from actual College Board Tests) and emerge with an arsenal of creative problem solving strategies, meaningful new vocabulary words, individualized feedback and pinpointed, personalized long-term study plans.  In addition to 60+ hours of classroom instruction and customized, innovative curriculum and interactive learning, each student will receive a 2-hour, personally-tailored, private “review” session upon completion of the workshop.

After finishing the program, students will be able to:

  • Write succinct yet compelling essays with a clear point of view
  • Understand math fundamentals – including tricky algebra and geometry concepts
  • Analyze text effectively when time is limited and clear understanding is essential
  • Use a plethora of meaningful vocabulary words commonly used on the SAT and experience using them appropriately in writing and conversation

Additionally, students will receive:

  • Individualized feedback on all of their practice exams, including the identification of strategies for successfully handling the types of questions students struggle with most
  • Customized study plans for each student according to his/her strengths, interests, and learning styles
  • Two hours of one-on-one tutoring with a class instructor prior to their actual exam(s)

At Rainbow Tutoring we believe that preparing for the SAT is like preparing for a marathon. Students must:

  • Know the course (the material that the test is going to cover)
  • Know their strengths and weaknesses (and use those strengths to bolster those weaknesses)
  • Know the competition (what the test writers expect from the average test-taker and how to avoid the traps)
  • Build stamina and endurance to make it to the finish line (the SAT requires nearly 4 hours of concentration and strategic effort)

When should students prepare? Savvy Juniors who are serious about their preparation and want reasonable time to hone their skills without allowing themselves to get overwhelmed by putting it off until the very end. Also highly recommended for Sophomores who want to build-up stamina/endurance, learn invaluable tools, and give themselves plenty of time for mastery. Starting preparation early will give Sophomores a competitive edge for their PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test come October of their Junior year.

For questions pertaining to our SAT Prep Intensives or to inquire about the possibility of setting up a customized workshop for a particular group of students, please contact our administrative team at 310-902-7912 or rainbowtutoringoffice@gmail.com

Wendy Hammers

"I know this is a big statement, but my son's participation in the Paving The Way To the College of Your Dreams workshop has been a life altering, and a much needed anchor for him, as he prepares for college and beyond. The Rainbow educators present the types of questions that desperately need to be asked at this crucial, and sometimes challenging, point in a teenager's life. Just as importantly, the environment in which these questions are posed is a fun, safe one, where he has been open and willing to explore in a way he would not with his own parents.  Our family will be forever grateful to the Paving Program and the Rainbow team!"

Leven Simon

It's hard to find words to describe how I feel about Rainbow Tutoring. Their impressive repertoire of skilled tutors helped me navigate the road to the SAT in a fun and creative way. The comfortable and stress free environment that they provide made preparing for the SAT a once in a life time experience that I will cherish forever. I am blessed to have found Rainbow Tutoring, and anyone else who gets the privilege to work with them will love the ride.
Leven Simon
Crossroads School

April K - llink

I signed up for the Ivy League Creative Writing Intensive, hoping that I’d learn something that would aid me in writing my college application essays. After just two weeks, I’d written two amazing pieces about my life and experiences. When reading over what I’d written, I couldn’t believe that the words were mine. This course gave me the tools I needed to recognize my own abilities.”
April K.