01. Corinne

"Cindy helped me to recognize my own unique spirit and potential, turning the college application process from a daunting and fearsome task into a true journey of self-discovery.  With her guidance and inspiration, I was able to articulate the inner workings of my personality and put together a distinctive application that fully encapsulated who I am as a student and person.  Thanks to her guidance, all of my efforts were recognized by top tier institutions, including Yale, Stanford, and Wesleyan, which were my top three choices.  I am delighted to call Cindy both a mentor and friend; she has inspired me beyond words and helped me embrace my individuality.  I can now say that I am heading off for college with a secure sense of self and confidence and that I am fully prepared to share my talents with the larger university community.  Cindy not only help me raise my SAT score to a previously unfathomable 2300, but also helped me hone my study skills and writing techniques to fit my learning style.  She is a genuine spirit whose unabashed love for learning shines through in her tutoring methods.  Her personalized efforts make her an invaluable resource for students of all backgrounds and academic profiles, and her vibrant personality makes her a true friend and inspiration.  I cannot thank her enough."
Corinne Kentor
Student at Yale and recent alum of New Jewish Community High School

Mackenzie Carlson

"Cindy has changed my life in many ways, not only with the help of her brilliant tutoring, but she has also been a mentor and a friend to me, someone I feel like I can talk to about anything. She has been especially supportive in my interest in women's issues and continues to inspire me every time I have a session with her. She puts so much effort into all her students and is very passionate about her work. She enriches the life of every single person she comes into contact with. She is one of the most amazing women that I know."
Mackenzie Carlson
Undergraduate, Brown University & Brentwood School Alumna

Elkin Antoniou

"Cindy has an honest passion to understand the strengths and needs of each child she tutors. Her approach to the college application process is personal, holistic, effective, and identity building. My daughter's ability as a writer and her potential as a human being has been beautifully nurtured with care and excellence by Cindy and her team."
Elkin Antoniou
Parent, Marymount High School

Allie Burke

"Working with Rainbow Tutoring has been one of the best and most worthwhile experiences of my life. Cindy and her team offer more than just tutoring; they are role models, leaders, and mentors. Not only did they go out of their way to help me raise my SAT score; perfect my college apps; and build a professional, impressive portfolio for myself; but they also helped me realize my potential, goals, and discover my true self. With Rainbow Tutoring's help, goals I never thought I could achieve are now likely attainable and conceivable. I believe without a doubt I would not be where I am today without their tremendous support and inspiration. There is definitely a pot of gold at the end of this Rainbow!"
Allie Burke
Senior, Louisville High School

Kevin Burke

"Cindy is one of the premier tutors and college consultants/advocates in the Los Angeles area. She has a good grasp of the admissions criteria for the major colleges and universities and is good at attenuating advice for students of different calibers. Three of my children have worked with Cindy and we were very pleased with the results. My daughter picked up approximate 600 points on her SAT through her work with Cindy. You can't go wrong with Rainbow or Cindy."

Kevin Burke
CEO, Trinity Capital LLC

Karen Rappaport

"I want to give my highest personal recommendation to Rainbow Tutoring for their individualized and personal attention to their students and for their commitment to overall "guidance." I researched all of the centers and spoke to many of the prep centers and private tutors. The SAT class Aliza took far exceeded my expectations. I am happy to speak to anyone from SAMOHI who may be interested in Rainbow Tutoring."
Karen Rappaport
SAMOHI Parent and Girl Scout Troop Leader, Admissions Director for AMHSI Teen Study Abroad Program

Isabel Caro

“Rainbow was definitely important in my college prep process because the college immersion/mentoring program really helped me to understand the college process and how it works a lot better than I understood it previously. Of course, the writing workshops and time spent brainstorming topics for the application essays were key. I enjoyed being able to discuss ideas, share stories about myself, and talk about our opinions on the college process with other students. It helped give me different perspectives and it made the program fun and social as well. Paving allowed me to realize that it’s important to find a college that’s a good fit rather than choosing a college because it has a big name. Paving also gave me the tools to find the pros and cons of schools in order to make that choice. I found it important to have the program mentors get to know me so they could give input on what colleges they thought would be a good fit for me. Most essentially of all, Paving highlighted my best qualities and showed me how to emphasize them to colleges.”
Isabel Caro
Undergraduate, Cornell University & Former Brentwood Alumna

5. Madeline Loef

"My daughter, Aja Bivens, worked with Cindy from her freshmen year through her senior year of high school.  With Cindy's extra guidance and recommendations through the rigors of her academic coursework, Aja was able to do very well throughout her high school years.  Each year showed an improvement with her study skills as well as her grades.  Cindy was able to teach Aja so that she fully understood her subjects and was confident in taking her tests.  Aja also took Cindy's prep courses for her SAT testing and she began these courses during the second half of her sophomore year and continued until the end of her junior year. Because she started well in advance, she was very prepared for the official SAT testing and was able to improve her scores by over 600 points from where she started.  Cindy also worked with Aja to create vivid and poignant personal statements and unique essay supplements that very much set her apart in the college application process.  Her applications, along with her excellent SAT scores and a strong GPA, allowed Aja to gain admittance to her dream school, New York University."
Madeline Loef

“Working with Cindy and Sascha was one of the best experiences of my college application process. As a transfer student, they guided and encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone to produce amazing essays. Both were very informative, provided quick feedback, and extremely eager to assist me. I would absolutely work with Rainbow Tutoring again and would recommend them to my friends and siblings who are applying to college!”

Nick Baker Testimonial

"I just moved into my dorm a couple days ago and already having a blast in Ithaca. I just wanted to thank you for all your help because you are the reason I'm even in college. I really did enjoy working with you even when I wanted to pull my hair out, you were the one to calm me down and get me through it. Couldn't have done it without you and really wanted to let know that you are a wonderful tutor/person and I wish you the best. "
Calabasas HS graduate now attending Itacha College

Wendy Hammers

"I know this is a big statement, but my son's participation in the Paving The Way To the College of Your Dreams workshop has been a life altering, and a much needed anchor for him, as he prepares for college and beyond. The Rainbow educators present the types of questions that desperately need to be asked at this crucial, and sometimes challenging, point in a teenager's life. Just as importantly, the environment in which these questions are posed is a fun, safe one, where he has been open and willing to explore in a way he would not with his own parents.  Our family will be forever grateful to the Paving Program and the Rainbow team!"

Areanna Sabine - Brentwood

"Enrolling in Rainbow's "Paving the Way to the College of your Dreams" workshop was the best thing I could have done to prepare myself for the college application process. The amazing support that I received from both Sascha and Avriel helped me organize my thoughts around what college would best fit my needs as a student, and gave me individualized, expert attention that I couldn't have gotten at my school.  Even after participating in the program, I continue to work with Avriel, and find the mentoring relationship we've built invaluable. I am grateful to have such a wonderful, bright mentor who really cares about me and knows what I want even when it seems hidden to me. But more than anything, Rainbow Tutoring helped me define who I am now and who I want to be in the future. Not only do I feel prepared to take on my college applications, but I also hold a new self-awareness that has given me the confidence I need in moving onto the next stage of my life."


"Cindy Chanin is at the helm of Rainbow Tutoring, a creative and ingenious program.  The emphasis of her program is about the whole child, honing in on each students' goals and helping them achieve their goals by minimizing the stress of the college application process.  Learning is intrinsically fun and test taking is less stressful through Cindy's holistic approach.  The academic tutoring, lead by Ivy League graduates, was an immense help in enabling my son to decipher the questions on the SAT.  I highly recommend Rainbow Tutoring for any age child or adult who is looking to learn more about themselves and become more successful academically and in developing their real personal goals."

Crystal Quine- Testimonial

“I heard about the ‘Paving the Way to the College of Your Dreams’ program from another mom, and after having met Cindy and Merry, I really wanted my daughter to check it out. Then when my daughter met one-on-one with Cindy to talk about what the workshop could bring to her, Annie said she definitely wanted to go. She enrolled in the program, and after each class, she tells me how much information she has gathered, and feels more confident about what type of college would be best for her, and most importantly, how best to assure that she gets into the one of her choice.”

Jeff Morrow- Mentoring

“I support Rainbow because they focus on the whole student.  There is the fundamental belief that an education is a process or journey and not a product to be gained or purchased.  Preparation is the focus and responsibility is the result.  I believe that the Rainbow program is the perfect blend of the philosophical and the pragmatic; equal parts introspection and strategizing.   The student comes away better prepared for success in the classroom and beyond, but more importantly one step closer to finding their purpose.  Programs like this are vital in the emotional, intellectual and academic education of the next generation of students.”

4. Adrienne Zubia

"I have been tutoring with Cindy since my sophomore year and she has helped me through so many of the challenges of school. She has been there with me through the confusion of shapes in geometry and in dissecting chemical compounds in chemistry. My junior year she led me through the stresses of how to graph all the way to logarithms in my Algebra II Trigonometry course, and as a result I was able to raise my math grade to an all time high. When I started the college process I was lost as to where to begin in my testing, but with Cindy's breakdown of each subject in the ACT, I was able to raise my scores substantially in each subject, which ultimately led to an incredible increase in my overall composite score. In my senior year Cindy guided me through the rigor of Pre-Calculus and Physics. As a student at USC now, Cindy is always no more than a phone call away to offer suggestions and help make the transition to writing essays in college a thousand times easier. More than just her help in my academic life, Cindy has been there to offer me aid throughout the college process with any questions I had and in addressing any concerns. Cindy has been like no other tutor with her genuine concern for my success and her willingness to help no matter how hectic her schedule may be. I am incredibly grateful and could not have been able to be so academically successful without her help!"
Adrienne Zubia
USC Student and Marymount High School graduate

8c. Kayla Javaheri

"While searching for an SAT tutor, I met with many tutoring companies while seeking the right place for me. When I discovered Rainbow Tutoring, I fell in love! After my first few sessions with Cindy, I was actually excited about the SAT. Something unique about Rainbow tutoring is that they identify hundreds of different math problems on the test, and split them up into groups, called "ID tags." This means they have grouped the similar types of problems together, creating a specific name for each group. In every session, the students are introduced to new ID tags. They learn how to tackle, and identify these problems, and practice them repetitively until the skill is mastered. Rainbow Tutoring has made the SAT feel easy for me because they have given me confidence. I highly recommend them!"
Kayla Javaheri
Junior at Wildwood School

08. Brentwood/Marymount Student

"Cindy Chanin is a very kind, intelligent, and hard working woman. She never gives up on her students and not only helps them, but inspires them to be the best that they can be. Cindy is able to help clarify the concepts students struggle with, and creates a way that is fun and memorable to learn about subjects that seem like a bore in school. Cindy is always considerate and thinking of others. In my eyes, her main mission is to help kids succeed, not only with study habits, but she also teaches valuable life skills. Cindy is a special kind of person who only comes along once in a while, and when you are lucky enough to find her, she is committed to helping you achieve your goals."
A Brentwood School and Marymount Student

07. Danielle L/Marymount

"Although I’ve been working with Catherine for only a short time, she has been an amazing and exciting addition to my school life. She has not only helped me improve my grades but she has also helped me as a person in general. Catherine makes all of our lessons entertaining by using examples that I can relate to. There is never a dull moment in our sessions."
Danielle L.
Marymount High School

17. A Brentwood School Family

"Cindy has a kind, thoughtful and customized approach with each student, which makes her so much more than a mere “tutor.” Instead, she is an amazing “Life-Coach” to our children as well as to every student she spends time with.”
A Brentwood School Family

16. Elizabeth Warber

“Cindy is an absolutely spectacular woman who has been of tremendous assistance to myself and my children over the past three years. She is strong, energetic, highly intelligent, and successful! Cindy is such a shining example to all she works with. Not only is she an incredible tutor, mentor, advisor, and writer, but she is an overall exemplary young woman. Her results are beyond compare!”
Elizabeth Warber
mother of Isabella, Archer School for Girls, and Francisco, Buckley School

Parent of an Archer School for Girls Alum

"Thank you thank you for your loving support and for all the incredible guidance and tools and love and cheerleader-ing you gave Rebecca to give her so many wonderful life choices."
Parent of an Archer School for Girls Alum

14. April K.

“I signed up for the Ivy League Creative Writing Intensive, hoping that I’d learn something that would aid me in writing my college application essays. After just two weeks, I’d written two amazing pieces about my life and experiences. When reading over what I’d written, I couldn’t believe that the words were mine. This course gave me the tools I needed to recognize my own abilities.”
April K.

13. Iris Klein

“Cindy has mentored my daughter over the past year, helping her with her college applications and essays. In particular, her vocabulary has improved ten-fold. She was accepted to Wheaton and Connecticut College, largely because of her work with Cindy. The SAT prep she did with Cindy was creative, hands-on, and personal which inspired my daughter to really reach for the stars.”
Iris Klein

11. Gina Carty-Tashkoff

"I am writing this letter regarding Cindy’s work with my daughter over the past few years. It was four years ago when my daughter came home complaining about how she did not like the school she was going to, even though it was a private school. She was having a very rough time and desperately wanted to get out of there. That is when Cindy came into our lives. She first started getting to know Taylor, not only as a student, but also as an individual. She helped Taylor get into her new school and has been there for her since day one. She showed her the right ways of making good friends and adapting to a new environment. We all, as parents, know how tough it gets for our children to move to a new school, make new friends, feel welcomed and feel like they are in the right state of mind to start the new school year. With Cindy’s help, I hardly worried about those aspects of my daughter’s life because I knew she was getting great help with an amazing person.  Apart from helping Taylor transfer from one school to another, Cindy has been helping my daughter get through her studies and pass with flying colors. She has done an incredible job and I cannot express in words how thankful I am and how grateful I am for the work Cindy has done."
Gina Carty-Tashkoff

10. Treati Yazdani

"Cindy is a great tutor. She has helped me understand subjects such as math and science. She is skilled in all subjects and understands them enough to thoroughly explain them. When I need tutoring in a specific subject, she always listens to me. She also makes great mnemonic/ acronyms to help me remember vocabulary and understand the subject matter. She is very patient and a great listener. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of tutoring or just enhancement in a specific subject."
Treati Yazdani
Marymount High School Student

09. Elle Cameron

"I’ve worked with Cindy since my freshman year in Algebra I and plan to continue seeing her until I physically can’t any longer (Graduation). I can’t express how lucky I feel to have Cindy as my tutor. Not only has Cindy helped me master concepts that no teacher ever could but she also is a caring and lively human being. Beginning in Algebra I and moving onto Chemistry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and essays, I can honestly say I’ve learned as much from Cindy as my teachers in school. Her patient personality and funny analogies allow me to understand material more easily and for the material to actually stick in my mind. Meeting with Cindy allows me to go into tests with confidence, turn in papers that I’m actually excited to get back, and master the previously impossible math problems. However, Cindy is much more than just a tutor; she always offers her amazing organic farmers market food such as apples and vegetables, which help me to stay satisfied, comfortable, and concentrated. Furthermore, Cindy has a very kind heart and even gave me balloons and a birthday present on my birthday. I can’t thank Cindy enough for the knowledge she has passed onto me, I cannot recommend her enough.  I will miss her when I go away to college."
Elle Cameron
Boston College bound student and recent Marymount High School graduate

06. Noa P/Wildwood School

"My test-taking skills were poor from the get go. However, after taking an SAT course with Rainbow Tutoring, I had learned so many tricks to the SAT, improved in timing, and obtained a better sense of how to study for the exam. None of this would have been possible without guidance from Cindy and my SAT teachers. Their teaching methods were creative, helpful, and genuinely fun! I now feel much more confident in my ability to take a test."
Noa P.
Wildwood School

12. Alexis Huron

“For the couple of months I have been tutoring with Cindy, not only have my grades gone up in biology and math, but the confidence I have in myself has increased. A few months ago I would never have thought that I could achieve any of the things that I have so far. Cindy has helped me gain confidence in math, which has always been a subject that I never felt I could excel in. My test average has raised a whole letter grade and the lessons I am learning in class have become easier for me to comprehend. Cindy is such a down-to-earth person who cares so much about the success of her students. Going to Cindy has been a great experience for me. I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort Cindy has made on my behalf so I can do better in school.”
Alexis Huron

8b. Nanette Geller

"Nick absolutely adores Louisa! He said, 'What took so long to find her?' Cindy and the Rainbow Tutoring team are terrific! Cindy--I feel very blessed to have met you and to have you in our lives."
Nanette Geller
mother of a Calabasas High School senior