Paving the Way to the College of Your Dreams

Our program is designed to give 10th and 11th grade students a holistic, meaningful and multifaceted foundation for working their way through the college admissions process starting in their junior year of high school.  We combine introspective exercises with a practical and pragmatic approach, by which students will acquire the necessary knowledge of self, gaining an understanding of their own unique signature, and how to most compellingly market this signature to the colleges that fit them best.  Learn more

Paving the Way to the High School Experience of Your Dreams

This cutting-edge program is designed to give 7TH through 9TH grade students a holistic, meaningful and multifaceted foundation for carving out their own distinctly rewarding and empowering high school experience.  We combine the expertise and coaching of our team of highly sought-after educators, teen life coaches, and career exploration mentors to give students the tools they need to develop a strong sense of themselves and a solid knowledge of how to successfully navigate high school and in preparation for college selection.  By the end of the program, they will know what they need to do and will have a solid plan in place to explore and accomplish their goals. Learn more

SAT Prep Intensive

Our test prep workshop is a customized, hands-on, team-taught small-group intensive for sophomores and juniors and is based on the highly successful preparation methods developed in one-on-one sessions that have helped students obtain 2400’s on their SAT, gain National Merit Recognition, and cultivate the critical thinking, problem solving and organizational and leadership skills to help them succeed in college and beyond.  This intensive is for students looking to make significant strides in their standardized test preparation process, bolster their confidence, and acquire some invaluable tools.  Learn More

Ivy League Creative Writing Intensive

Students will develop work samples within different genres such as epic, narrative and free verse poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, novella, creative non-fiction and autobiographical narrative each week. They will have the opportunity to analyze professional samples, brainstorm ideas that will expand the scope and impact of their writing, and hone their authentic voice and point-of-view.  At the end of the workshop, they will emerge with a portfolio of their collected works, suitable for use in college and private school admissions.  Learn more

ACT Prep Intensive

Rainbow Tutoring’s Act Prep Intensive is unique in that we maintain small class sizes and adapt our program to an individual student’s learning style.  Our instructors create an intimate, creative, and collaborative “learning community” infused with humor and designed to alleviate the stress of test preparation.  We help students find meaning and fun in the test prep experience, which translates into genuine and personal investment in their learning and higher scores.  While our first goal is to help students achieve the highest score they can, we believe that the valuable time students spend preparing for the test shouldn’t be a “necessary evil” of the college application process, but instead should help students develop their critical thinking, writing and communication skills, positive study habits and the intellectual self-confidence they’ll need to perform at the highest levels in college and other life endeavors. Learn more

Custom Workshops

Our team of educators are here to help you with any of your group learning needs. We regularly create customized college admissions, test prep, and study group workshops for students and their friends. If any of our upcoming workshops do not fit your schedule or needs, and you would like to work with Rainbow Tutoring to create one that does, please contact our administrative team at 310-902-7022 or


Wendy Hammers

"I know this is a big statement, but my son's participation in the Paving The Way To the College of Your Dreams workshop has been a life altering, and a much needed anchor for him, as he prepares for college and beyond. The Rainbow educators present the types of questions that desperately need to be asked at this crucial, and sometimes challenging, point in a teenager's life. Just as importantly, the environment in which these questions are posed is a fun, safe one, where he has been open and willing to explore in a way he would not with his own parents.  Our family will be forever grateful to the Paving Program and the Rainbow team!"

Leven Simon

It's hard to find words to describe how I feel about Rainbow Tutoring. Their impressive repertoire of skilled tutors helped me navigate the road to the SAT in a fun and creative way. The comfortable and stress free environment that they provide made preparing for the SAT a once in a life time experience that I will cherish forever. I am blessed to have found Rainbow Tutoring, and anyone else who gets the privilege to work with them will love the ride.
Leven Simon
Crossroads School

April K - llink

I signed up for the Ivy League Creative Writing Intensive, hoping that I’d learn something that would aid me in writing my college application essays. After just two weeks, I’d written two amazing pieces about my life and experiences. When reading over what I’d written, I couldn’t believe that the words were mine. This course gave me the tools I needed to recognize my own abilities.”
April K.